Life changing personal training!
RESET weight loss plan!
Workplace wellness weight loss program

Personal training session
*One hour session. After a brief warm up, you will engage in a one on one weight resistant workout utilizing dumb bells, machines, bands and bars necessary for adequate muscle breakdown.  Your body then burns calories over the next 24 – 48 hours repairing the muscle. The most effective way to lose weight, gain strength, build & tone muscle, strengthen bones and connective tissue.

Personal eating plan
*One hour session.  Have a personal eating plan created just for you.  Find out exactly how many grams/calories you should be taking in daily, then break it down to see how many you should be eating at each meal.  Get a list of healthy choices for your daily meal planning.  Learn the eight rules of weight loss that are effective and easy to follow.

Attitude adjustment/Personal development session
*One hour session.  Learn why you are experiencing trouble losing weight because of emotional, mental barriers.  Create a positive plan to move forward in your weight loss and health goals using “I am” statements in the six areas of your life:  physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, relational, financial/career.

Healthy shopping session
*One hour + session.  Join your trainer and learn how to maneuver your way around the grocery store to effectively make healthy choices. 

Healthy restaurant session
*One hour + session. Join your trainer for a healthy meal at local restaurant. Learn how to make a good choice sometime even prior to stepping in the door!

Healthy cooking session
*One hour + session. This session can be a general cooking demonstration or geared towards your specific questions or even altering your favorite meal to make it a lower calorie choice.


~Training at your location ~ The first three sessions above are available in your home for an addition charge of $20 per session. (additional charge may apply for locations out of the immediate area)